3D Sacnworks Werkzeug- Formenbau

Tool and Mold Making

  • Do you get an inquiry to reproduce a tool without current CAD data?
  • Is CAD data from WZE required at short notice?
  • Are you not sure to what extent a supplier complies with your specifications?

We know the requirements very well from numerous customers from the Toolmakers. We measure your tools at short notice and provide CAD data as quickly as possible.

We support you in the following tasks:

  • Production and adaptation of machines / tools
    • Reverse surface of actual sheets
    • Documentation of tool changes
    • Design modifications
    • Springback and trimming
    • Duplication
  • Inspection- QS
    • Initial sampling
    • CAD comparison
    • Determining wear and tear;
    • Testing in production / assembly
    • Quality inspection of the supplier
    • Conformity analysis of individual batches