3D Scanworks Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering

We close the process chain

and provide you with exact data

Surface return is the exact CAD data creation of a component that is currently only physically available. Often also called reconstruction or reverse engineering.

This step is also necessary to convert 3D scan data into a CAD / CAM format, since these are only available as a 3D polygon mesh (.STL) directly after the scanning process.

Details (PDF)

An important component in the successful reconstruction of industrial components is also industry-specific expertise and many years of experience. 3D Scanworks offers both in full extent. All CAD data generated from 3D scan data are prepared by us in accordance with production and verified in the software used by the customer before shipping.

We guarantee the effective further processing in your CAD system: Typically Solidworks, Catia, Inventor, NX, Cimatron, Creo, Rhino, etc.

3D Scanworks Expertise
Benefit from our expertise:
  • High precision creation of regular and freeform surfaces
  • Custom-fit CAD data derivation of slides and tool inserts
  • No CMM countermeasures necessary
  • Actual status production of plastic parts
  • Delivery of the CAD parametrics on request
  • Provision of all common CAD systems here in-house
  • Processing your scan data (.STL)
3D Sacnworks Screen
Your benefits
  • Cost savings for new products
  • Exactly repaired WZE copy after break or wear
  • Save yourself from touching on the proven geometry
  • CAD data of tools up-to-date
  • Modernize your production process
  • Optimization of the design based on the production part
  • Targeted tool correction
  • Encrypted data transmission