3D Scanworks Portfolio

From A like axis

to Z like zeppelin

In between everything can be measured by 3D Scanworks. As part of reverse engineering, 3D Scanworks has already scanned entire vehicles and is also able to measure each of the 10,000 individual parts that make up an average vehicle today.

3D Scanworks Teil
It is not presumptuous to say that we really measure everything.

There are practically no limits, especially with optical measurement methods.

So the smallest parts that we have measured so far were approx. 2-5mm large plastic parts out of the medical sector and then an amount of 1,500.

The aim was to optimize the machine and processor parameters after a new start with an initial sample test report (EMPB).

3D Scanworks Halle
The biggest thing, in contrast, was a factory hall.

Both from the inside and from the outside. With an edge length of 500x300m and a height of 15 meters, this resulted in 2.25 million cubic meters.

The purpose was to record virtual views of the hall, including the renovations that had been made over the years. This, in turn, was required to integrate a new machine park, of which CAD data from the manufacturer was true to scale, and the result was a detailed digital measurement of the hall, including new machine park. Virtually walkable and tangible.

Delivered turnkey.