3D Scanworks Luftfahrt


  • Large components have to be measured efficiently?
  • Time and cost pressures require effective initial sampling?
  • Would you like to compare manufactured wind tunnel models with the design data?

In addition to the automotive industry, aerospace is one of the most demanding industries. Here we also offer high precision and reliability.

  • Reverse Engineering
    • Aerodynamics and load analysis (FEM, CFD)
    • Precise parameters for FE simulation
    • Installation of new control systems, redesigns
    • Design of tools and templates for propellers, pipe bending and assembly
    • Design of pneumatic and hydraulic systems
    • Virtual assembly
    • Digital Mock-Up
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Maintenance and repair
  • Inspection- QS
    • Analysis of turbine blades
    • Inspection of ceramic cores
    • Optimization of injection molds / processes
    • Shape and dimension analysis on casting- and forging parts
    • Contour detection of damaged / prepared bodies
    • Control of sufficient material lay-on
    • Post-inspection