The complete geometric analysis

for industrial quality control.

In order to accelerate the initial sampling, optical 3D component testing is now considered the quasi-standard. Especially in the automotive industry, but also in other industries, measurement technology is increasingly interlinked with manufacturing. The complex creation of a measurement program is not always useful.

Speed ​​and flexibility are required.

We therefore offer state-of-the-art optical 3D measurement.

As a long-standing provider in the market, we have the appropriate expertise to carry out a large number of evaluations of your components at short notice.

In the case of components with warpage, it is difficult to draw conclusions with conventional measuring methods.

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Flächenhafter Soll-Ist Vergleich
Our Services
  • Areal target-actual comparison against CAD
  • Comprehensive shape and dimension analysis
  • Series measurements with trend analysis
  • EMPB according to drawing
  • Output of the 3D scan data for overlay in your CAD system
  • Dimensional analysis (2D, GD&T, SPC)

We create customized measurement reports according to your specifications

Clear presentation
Your Advantages
  • Clear representation of the deviations on the entire component
  • Reduction of iteration loops during production start-up
  • Target-oriented technical cause analysis
  • Higher quality assurance throughout the process
  • Measurement results are easier to communicate to customers or to the team
  • Cost savings through the reduction of drawing dimensions
  • At any time subsequent evaluations through the "virtual" archiving of the test part