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3D Scanworks 3D-Scansysteme
3D-Scanning systems

When measuring components, we rely on the proven 3D digitizers from GOM, which deliver incredibly precise 3D scan data. Dark and shiny surfaces can also be detected with high dot density and accuracy. Configurable measuring volumes make us independent of any component size. We scan flexibly and reliably in almost any industrial environment. There are currently three ATOS systems in use at our location in Cologne.

3D Scanworks komplexe Bauteilgeometrien
Complex Component Geometries

We quickly and precisely digitize free-form surfaces, deep pockets and fine edges. Features such as they e.g. occur on cast or plastic parts. Hard-to-reach or hidden areas can be detected by a stylus or CT scan.

3D Scanworks - Mobiles Messsystem
Mobile Measurement System

Our 3D scanner can be set up on-site at short notice. Thanks to the so-called "dynamic referencing", the sensor delivers highest accuracies even under difficult environmental conditions such as in a press shop.

3D Scanworks - Know-How
Employees Know-How

Long-standing employees who have already successfully carried out a large number of projects guarantee that the respective measurement task will be carried out smoothly.